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About us

MeiJor Designs

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We are a young, energetic and ambitious team of developers.

MeiJor Designs understand that starting a business is tough. When it comes to marketing and building a name for your company, websites tend to boost the image of the company and acts as a source of information. We are therefore passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses establish a professional website and enhance their cyber presence.

Why partner with us?


MeiJor Designs knows how important it is for an individual or business to be as professional as possible. We understand that professionals mostly seek professional service and clients. As a professional designer company we would like our clients to experience only the best service.

Excellent Service

Without our clients MeiJor Designs would not be able to exist. Therefor we treat each of our clients will have our 100% attention during a project and experience exceptional after sales support regarding their products. We go the extra mile in helping our clients improve their marketing and business potential.

Quick and Above Standard Designs

Due to the amount of experience our developers have obtained in the past, we are quickly to understand our clients' needs which shortens our turn around time without jeopardizing the design quality. Time is money and the sooner we get your designs done the sooner you can get out there and start marketing you business online.

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